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The Hospitality247 website that is dedicated to the hard working professionals in South Africa that service our hospitality sector. We have all the latest hospitality jobs and news, and we are available to assist any companies operating in the hospitality industry with social media and digital marketing, (Please use the contact us link for more info on this service). If you are looking for anything hospitality related, this is the website to be on.


Why have we built this website for you? Well quite simply because you deserve it. We know exactly how exhausting working in this fantastic industry can be, in fact we have been there ourselves. We know that you are often required to give up your personal time simply to ensure the guest is having a great time. Why do you do this? Not for the money, no, you do it because you care. Well so do we, that's why we want to make is easier and more convenient for EVERYONE in hospitality sector find and advertise jobs and their services. We want this website to be about YOU! So please, if you have any suggestions or would like any other info included on the site you are more then welcome to contact us and let us know. We are all ears!

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vegan hospitality consulting

Vegan Hospitality Consulting

From Haley at Wilddreams Hospitality

Many of your guests/customers will be vegan and I’m sure as a Hospitality business owner or manager, this is a request that is becoming more common and IF its not, then it may be due to what you are currently offering (or not offering!) Its so important to move with the times and give your guests/customers what they want.

Word of mouth among the community is very important so if a vegan guest is blown away, then they will tell EVERYONE!