Another blow to Durbans Hospitality industry

Hilton hotel
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Another disappointing blow for the hospitality/tourism industry in South Africa and Durban, in particular, is featured in the news today. This is the story that the iconic Hilton Hotel in Durban is contemplating closing its doors. This is not the first Hotel in the group to close and certainly will not be the last.

Durban – The Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs said it will work towards the re-opening of the Hilton Hotel.

On Monday, the famous KwaZulu-Natal-based hotel is set to close its doors.

MEC Ravi Pillay said the department acknowledged, with regret, the famous Hilton Durban Hotel’s business decision to close its doors.

The department acknowledges the challenges facing the company and has been involved in steps to try to prevent the closure. The department is worried that there will be a detrimental effect on employment from this closure.

“We respect the business decision that has been taken to close the establishment temporarily and we understand the rationale behind it. While this is not a preferred situation, it must be noted that the closure of the Hilton Durban Hotel happens in the context of a depressed global economy.”

The global hotel group has taken the decision to close more than 1,000 Hilton hotels worldwide since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, including one in Cape Town that closed last year.

“As the provincial government, we value the Hilton Hotel as a strategic investment in our province. Together with other spheres of the government, including the eThekwini Municipality, we will continue working with the Hilton to ensure that we find solutions and to ensure they reopen their doors soon.

“We hope that the rollout of the vaccine this year will speed up the economic recovery and reopening of many businesses, such as the Hilton Durban establishment. We are working with all sectors to ensure that we revive the economy so that we can save jobs” said Pillay.



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