Introduction to Housekeeping

Housekeeping Department
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Introduction to Housekeeping

The hotel’s housekeeping department is the division responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel’s guest bedrooms and public areas. The housekeeping department must ensure that every day all the guest bedrooms are serviced and at all times the public areas are kept clean. Among other things, the housekeeping department cleans these areas to:

  • Keep the guest comfortable by offering an atmosphere that is socially acceptable
  • Make sure that the establishment’s appearance is excellent
  • Promoting health and safety at the establishment
  • Comply with the standards set by the hotel

How important is housekeeping?

The running of a hotel is a business, and the most lucrative aspect of this business is typically the renting of bedrooms. However, while advertising and reception can sell rooms, it is the housekeeping standards that will encourage the guest to return or not. In all types of establishments and all organizations, good housekeeping is important. The aim of good housekeeping is to guarantee maximum guest comfort, cleanliness, and service. Housekeeping is more complex in hotels than it is in most other organizations.

A hotel is as good as its employees. Therefore, to make visitors feel comfortable and at home, housekeepers must have the capacity and personality. This not only involves adequately training staff, but also hiring employees who are able to calmly smooth issues over when necessary.

What are the usual duties of the housekeeping department?

The hotel’s housekeeping department is normally located near the guest rooms. The department is generally in charge of the following:

  • Cleaning in all guest rooms and public areas
  • Arranging the hotel floral decorations
  • Securing and handing in lost property
  • The washing and monitoring of all the hotel linen and uniforms
  • Cleaning and dry cleaning of all the laundry for visitors
  • Taking care of all VIP room requests
  • Organizing facilities for babysitting, beach towels, and other special requests
  • Management of the laundry if the hotel runs its own laundry

Structure of the Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping department’s staffing structure varies from one institution to another. In other words, it depends primarily on the standard and type of hotel, whether it is a corporate (commercial), full-service, limited-service, seasonal, or airport hotel. The housekeeping department in a large hotel might be organized differently from one in a medium or smaller hotel.

The housekeeping structure and hierarchy is generally;

  1. Management
  2. Service staff (Room attendants)
  3. Linen roof staff

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